Office 365 Student Advantage Scheme

Feb 20 2014

Office 365 Education is helping students worldwide to get the most out of their education while gaining valuable skills that will help them enter the future workforce.
The Student Advantage initiative allowed students to use the latest version of Office at their education institution and at home. The initiative was supported by Government, through the Malta Information Technology Agency (MITA) and Microsoft Malta, as part of its ongoing commitment to education.

Students who registered for the initiative are now able to use various Office 365 Education cloud based productivity tools that will help them to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, access assignments in shared workspaces, have notes synchronised in OneNote and the ability to use familiar applications such as Word, PowerPoint and Excel anywhere, anytime and across virtually any device (PC, Mac, Windows, Android, iOS). 
Furthermore, students also got 25GB of free online space where they can save all their work.  The free online space was made available through Microsoft's SkyDrive, which will soon be renamed to OneDrive. 
The retail value of the entire package was €99 per student per year but with this scheme students can got it for free.

The success of the scheme also brought about interest shown by foreign countries. According to Microsoft, other countries were in contact in order to understand further the approach that Malta adopted so these can be used in similar processes in their respective countries. The Government of Malta, through MITA, was the first country worldwide to successfully launch the Student Advantage scheme at a national level.

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