Newtech attends Microsoft Channel Partner Conference in Dublin

Mar 11 2014

A partner-centric approach built around the theme line “Let’s Break New Ground Together” This change in direction saw partners engage with EOC, across 5 key themes, in the months leading up to the conference. It included the important addition of having partners present on-stage during conference sessions, thereby ensuring that messaging resonated directly with us.  

Located in Dublin’s city centre, using the biggest conference space available in Ireland’s capital city with a stage production unseen before.

This year CPC saw:

The introduction of the Device Bar showcasing the latest technology & booths covering a series of topics including the hugely successful partner Quote presence

The introduction of the Connections Centre, facilitating over 500 connections, to support your networking / meet-&-greet efforts

A Gala evening in the idyllic Royal Hospital Kilmainham setting, for an informal break from the business environment

Conference app presence with real-time pulse functionality which allowed quicker response than ever before to feedback shared  

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